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No aspect of the law is easy or stress-free, but family law matters can be especially challenging, even more so if children are involved. Freedom Law | North Carolina is committed to helping our clients with a variety of legal matters. Our team handles several aspects of family law for residents of Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. 

What Qualifies as a Family Law Matter?

Family law involves matters pertaining to family dynamics and situations, including, but not limited to, marriage, divorce, domestic violence, child custody and estate planning. In some cases, our clients may need assistance in more than one area at a time, such as handling divorce, child custody and child support.

Areas of Family Law We Practice 

Freedom Law can help with several individual areas of family law, including the following matters:


Divorce often involves not just the dissolution of a marriage, but the breakup of a family. Our lawyers are sensitive to the needs of our clients and their children during this time, and work hard to make sure everything gets done in a timely fashion so as to not stretch out the already stressful and lengthy process.

Spousal Agreements

A spousal agreement is a legally binding agreement between two individuals entering into marriage or who are already married. Many are familiar with a prenuptial agreement, which occurs before marriage. A postnuptial agreement is a type of spousal arrangement agreed upon after the wedding day. Both involve several stipulations, especially involving financial matters and assets, that each party must agree to for the document to be valid.


Mediation is a form of conflict resolution involving two or more individuals and a mediator (one of our lawyers) who is a neutral party. It’s a way to come to a satisfactory result, sort through misunderstandings and hopefully come to a resolution that everyone finds acceptable. 

Child Support

Child support is paid from one parent to another for the financial care of the child(ren). Monetary payments are ongoing for a set amount and are paid in a specific manner within a certain period, such as once a week or every two weeks.

Post-Separation Support/Alimony

Post-separation support, or alimony, is a type of spousal support. It’s typically paid from one person to another every month for a specific period of time, or it might be paid all at once. A court may decide on the amount, or both parties might come to an agreement on their own.

Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution is a legal term for splitting up marital property after a divorce. North Carolina is an equitable distribution state rather than a community property state, meaning there are a lot more factors involved in determining who gets what property.

Domestic Violence

Two important aspects of developing a domestic violence case are establishing patterns and documenting evidence. While this can be a scary, uncertain time, our team members are here to support you.

Child Custody

One of the most challenging and emotionally intricate areas of family law is child custody. We help you navigate the process, which involves determining who the child will live with, where, and how often and when each parent can see the child(ren). 

Child Support Modification

Child support modification involves legally changing the terms of a previously established child support agreement. It usually occurs after the parent paying child support has experienced a significant financial change for better or worse.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves determining what happens to your assets if you become incapacitated and can’t make decisions on your own or if you should pass away. The more assets you have, the more complicated the process can be, but we’ll make sure you don’t go about it alone.

Free Trader Agreements

Many married couples choose to purchase property together, jointly sharing the financial responsibilities. A free trader agreement dictates that a specific property transaction is the sole responsibility of one spouse only. 


As wonderful as it is to adopt a child, the process is often stressful and complex. Freedom Law helps you navigate the adoption procedure so you can get to the exciting part of completing your family. 

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