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Modification of Child Custody and Child Support

Child custody and child support are determined at the time the order is entered. All too often, they do not grow with the family and become undesirable or altogether ineffective. It is important to know that as your circumstances change, so can your order.

Child custody may be modified upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances that affect the minor child(ren) either positively or negatively. Typically, an order will be unmodifiable prior to three (3) years and a showing of only one or two changes in circumstances. However, as with the initial custody determination, motions to modify custody are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Child support orders, like custody modifications, are often generally modifiable after three (3) years. The court will examine any increase or decrease in the incomes of the parties as well as any increase or decrease in the needs of the child(ren).  Other factors the court will consider include the development of special medical needs of a child or if a child turns eighteen (18).

If you have questions about whether your child custody or child support order is modifiable, let Freedom Law | North Carolina answer them. We are here to listen and advise you on your best path forward.

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