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At Freedom Law in Charlotte, North Carolina, we cover all aspects of family law, so our clients feel supported in every area of this practice. Whether you need representation for divorce proceedings or mediation services, we can help. Our experienced attorneys are here to guide you through the process and ease the emotional burden that comes with navigating these family-related legal matters. 

What Qualifies as a Matter of Family Law?

Family law is a legal area of practice that handles cases relating to a range of family-related issues. Family law ultimately focuses on navigating the family unit in all forms. Divorce proceedings are the most common and well-known aspect of family law, but this area also includes child support, adoption, marriage and more. 

Issues that are handled by a family law attorney extend far beyond divorce proceedings. When a marriage ends and there is no amicable communication between both parties, clients turn to us to help them navigate other areas of family life from a legal standpoint, such as child custody arrangements, division of assets and spousal support. 

Areas of Family Law We Practice 

No matter what area of family law you need help with in the Charlotte area, we work hard to ensure the best outcome for you and your family. We frequently practice in Union, Mecklenburg, Gaston, and Cabarrus counties.  Contact us today.


A divorce is an emotionally taxing experience that puts enough pressure on a couple or a family without the complexities of paperwork. A divorce lawyer handles the administrative and procedural side of the divorce for you so that you can focus on your well-being and moving forward. During divorce proceedings, our attorney can also help with the division of assets and debt between spouses. 

Spousal Agreements

Spousal agreements, also called family law agreements, are used to dictate how you and your partner will manage your relationship. Spousal agreements include prenuptial agreements, which are contracts outlining the rights each party has to the other’s assets in the event of a future divorce or separation. This is especially important if one person is entering into the marriage with significant wealth or assets. 


Mediation is a practice in family law where the two parties who are having a dispute (typically spouses or ex-spouses) bring in a neutral third party who oversees negotiations toward a voluntary agreement. The mediator doesn’t make the final decision and the two parties in dispute can end the mediation at any time. If the parties agree on a voluntary settlement, it becomes legally binding. At Freedom Law, we can act as your third-party mediator. 

Child Support

Our law firm can help you navigate child support agreements or litigation following a divorce or legal separation. Under North Carolina law, parents are responsible for financially supporting their children as long as their parental rights are intact. Parents under 18 may find their own parents have an obligation to pay child support until the parent of the child is of legal age. 

Post-Separation Support/Alimony

Even if they do not have children, couples may find the need to reach an agreement or find themselves in litigation regarding alimony or spousal support payments after they divorce. Alimony amounts can be paid monthly or as a lump sum. 

Equitable Distribution

This aspect of divorce law dictates how marital property is divided between spouses. According to the principle of equitable distribution, the court must work towards fair allocation of these assets per state law. A divorce lawyer from our team can help you navigate this family law matter. 

Domestic Violence

A family law attorney also handles instances of domestic violence. Your family lawyer can help you legally document instances of violence or abuse to build a case against the abuser. Domestic violence isn’t just physical. Emotional, verbal and mental abuse are all worthy of documentation. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or have been falsely accused of it and are worried about what this means for your future, learn more about your rights by talking to a family law attorney on our team.

Child Custody

North Carolina family law enables parents to work out child custody agreements and visitation rights privately so there is no need to go to court over the matter. Up until the point when the court reaches their decisions or the parents reach an agreement, both parties have equal rights in terms of custody of their biological or legally adopted children. If you find yourself in custody litigation, we can help navigate that as well.

Child Support Modification

You can contact a family law attorney at our firm for help with child support modification. This family law issue may occur when one parent sees an increase or decrease of 15% or more in their gross income. When this happens, the support amount that was previously calculated may be adjusted accordingly. Other factors and changes may also support a modification of child support claim. It is the parent’s responsibility to prove that their financial situation has changed.

Estate Planning

Another family law issue we handle at Freedom Law is estate planning. It can be difficult to think about at times, but it’s important to make an estate plan including a legal will with your last wishes and a trust for holding and managing your assets in the event of your death. Also, consider appointing a Power of Attorney (POA) if you become unable to make decisions. 

Free Trader Agreements

At Freedom Law in Charlotte, North Carolina, we deal with a wide variety of cases that fall under the jurisdiction of family law. If you are unsure whether your case qualifies as a family legal matter, simply contact our offices and schedule your initial consultation. 

Our attorneys can help you draft Free Trader Agreements. These legally binding documents enable one spouse to purchase property or assets independently of the other person while remaining married or during a period of separation. If you are looking to invest in real estate and want to protect these assets from division in the event of divorce, ask us about a Free Trader Agreement. 


Adoption is a long and emotionally involved process that has a tremendously rewarding end result. We can help you with the legal side of adoption proceedings as part of our family law practices.

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