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Alimony/Post separation Support

Alimony is an order for payment for the support and maintenance of a spouse or former spouse for a specified or for an indefinite term. It may be paid in a lump sum or periodically. North Carolina courts may award both temporary and permanent alimony after a finding that one spouse is a supporting spouse and the other spouse is a dependent spouse. The supporting spouse has the ability to pay support to the dependent spouse.

In North Carolina, a dependent spouse is a spouse who is actually financially dependent upon the other for his or her maintenance and support or is substantially in need of maintenance and support from the other spouse. Marital misconduct may affect your ability to receive or require you to pay support.

After determining a dependent spouse and a supporting spouse, the court will consider multiple factors to determine the amount of support to be awarded. The most notable of these factors is the lifestyle and status of living maintained during the marriage and the length and duration of your marriage.

If you are facing a separation and divorce in North Carolina, Freedom Law | North Carolina will review all of the factors with you and determine which, if any, apply to your case.

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