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Freedom Law | North Carolina takes on complex and emotionally demanding cases involving family law circumstances. We understand that each case, along with every person involved with it, is different, which is why we take a personalized approach that our clients appreciate. Our team is dedicated to providing the unparalleled professionalism and service our family law clients in Gaston, North Carolina, deserve and have come to expect.

What Qualifies as a Family Law Matter?

Family law involves cases and situations among family members. Some of the many individualized areas under the family law umbrella include mediation, divorce, prenuptial agreements, adoption and alimony. Each type of case involves its own challenges, compounded by the often emotional aspects.

Areas of Family Law We Practice 

Several individual areas fall underneath the generalized term of family law. Some, but not all, include:


For many, deciding to get a divorce isn’t easy. It doesn’t typically just involve the two individuals but also their family, friends and acquaintances. We understand how problematic it can be, so our divorce lawyers do what they can to limit the stress as much as possible.

Spousal Agreements

A spousal agreement typically happens before a marriage but may occur after, depending on the desired arrangement. For instance, a prenuptial agreement gets finalized prior to the big day, but a postnuptial agreement gets drafted and finished after. Each document, however, notes what happens with assets, especially if there should be a divorce. 


Our attorneys are experts at being neutral parties in family law mediation. The process involves assisting our clients with coming to a joint agreement without the court’s assistance. It’s up to the parties involved to make carefully thought-out, mutually agreed-upon decisions about what works best for them.

Child Support

Some child support arrangements are easier than others, but the ultimate goal is reaching a decision that best helps the child(ren). We assist our clients with North Carolina laws in mind and with what’s in the best welfare of the minors involved.

Post-Separation Support/Alimony

Post-separation support/alimony doesn’t necessarily need to be determined by the courts. That’s the last option after trying to work together to develop post-divorce payments and a payment schedule that works for both individuals.

Equitable Distribution

Gaston residents need to be aware that they live in an equitable distribution state. Many factors, from the income of the spouses to how long the couple has been married, can play a part in what happens to the assets acquired during the marriage.

Domestic Violence

One of our specialty areas at Freedom Law | North Carolina is domestic violence cases. As heartbreaking as these cases can be, it also means we’re skilled in handling every step of the process. We work with our clients to establish a safe arrangement in their best interest.

Child Custody

The ultimate goal of child custody arrangements is to do what’s in the best interest of the child(ren). Ideally, parents should come to an amicable agreement rather than having a long, drawn-out court process that can be emotionally depleting, pricey and stressful. Our lawyers will do everything possible to come up with an arrangement that works for everyone, but especially the kids. 

Child Support Modification

Just because a child support arrangement gets set in place doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way throughout the duration of the child’s minor years. In some cases, changes may be requested, such as if the parent paying child support undergoes significant financial hardship or is incapacitated.

Estate Planning

Another family law issue we handle at Freedom Law is estate planning. It can be difficult to think about at times, but it’s important to make an estate plan including a legal will with your last wishes and a trust for holding and managing your assets in the event of your death. Also, consider appointing a Power of Attorney (POA) if you become unable to make decisions. 

Free Trader Agreements

A free trader agreement allows one spouse to buy property without it involving co-ownership with their spouse. All matters pertaining to that property, including anything financial, belong solely to the one owner.


Anyone who has been through the adoption process knows how grueling it can be for everyone involved, especially in tricky cases. However, our family law attorneys don’t give up, and we’re here to help you through every step.

The team at Freedom Law | North Carolina understands that picking up the phone and asking for legal help isn’t always the most comfortable decision. It can often feel scary and overwhelming, especially when you’re unsure what to expect. Whether you’re calling to learn more about your options or you’ve already decided what you want to do, our lawyers are here to help. Call Freedom Law | North Carolina today, and let’s talk about how we can assist you.

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